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Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay FinTech, the now ubiquitous term used to describe the digital union of financial services and technology, has transformend the global financial services landscape. Germany's FinTech market is now one of the biggest in the world. FinTechs have firmly established their presence in the marketplace

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The German FinTech landscape accounts about 300 active FinTech in total with Berlin being country's largest FinTech hub, hosting 27% of them. Around 67% of all FinTech are located in the 3 major Gemran FinTech hubs that are Berlin, Rhine-Main-Neckar (RMN) and Munich. Around 42% of FinTech start-ups in the country are B2B-oriented The country's FinTech landscape remains dominated by 3 hubs - Berlin, the Rhine-Main-Neckar region (spearheaded by Frankfurt) and Munich, which serve as base for more than two thirds (197) of local FinTechs.  Two other notable hotspots of FinTech activity have emerged in Hamburg (24) and Cologne (13), which together account for another roughly 13% of the landscape

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7 Questions with Balkrishna Dubey, MD of Nagarro Germany. 16. August 2020. 7 Questions with Martin Kreitmair of Tangany GmbH. 16. August 2020. Scaling Enterprise FinTech: with Hans de Back, Finch Capital. 8. August 2020 . 7 Questions with Simon Dingle of Lettuce. Latest Updates. 24. July 2020. Scaling Enterprise FinTech- in Europe & Beyond. 14. May 2020. 12th FinTech Forum: first set of. Scanning the fintech landscape: 10 disruptive models Aspiration, Chime, and Varo all operate now in the US, and there are reports that UK- based Monzo and Revolut, and Germany's N26, are all actively seeking to come to the US. Some are layering lending on to their platform, while others plan to continue to focus on debit accounts. The success of these models is a sign that customers are.

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  1. Zum Update - German FinTech Overview - Unbundling Banks (17.09.2015): Wir finden, Optiopay ist besser bei Payment aufgehoben, auch wenn wir in den Bereichen E-Commerce, Banking, Insurance aktiv sind, aber der gemeinsame Nenner aller Bereiche ist: Wir bieten für alle eine Auszahlungsplattform und wickeln Auszahlungen zwischen Unternehmen und deren Zahlungsempfängern ab. Nur als Empfehlung.
  2. FinTech landscape in Germany by segment Source: McKinsey Panorama FinTech. Many FinTechs are successful - and they have potential. Investments in these new companies amounted to more than USD 19 billion in 2015. Several FinTechs, such as Funding Circle, SoFi as well as the Lending Club and Prosper are already valued at over USD 1 billion by their investors. A particularly large number of.
  3. g into the sector. Against this backdrop, MEDICI has recently launched a new comprehensive study titled 'Germany FinTech Report 2020.
  4. As one of the Europe's hubs of innovation along with London, Berlin has an impressive array of FinTech companies successfully operating both within and beyond Germany's FinTech ecosystem.. Smava is a Germany-based online comparison site for personal loans on which each participant can obtain a loan online with the best terms from a wide selection

The German fintech landscape - with its capital in Berlin, where most fintechs are located - is shaped by a winner-takes-all dynamic. As a rule, just one fintech in each segment manages to attract a sufficient number of customers to prove interesting to investors. Fintechs in Germany are closing the gaps left by established companies. Many fintechs have professionalised themselves over the. The big picture we see - a multicentric landscape - could be the future landscape of the whole startup industry. Still, at the moment there are only five countries (USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia) with a significant number of fintechs with a really international focus. Will that stay so? It is an open question, if the big players of the. Germany FinTech Landscape 2017. FREE. Category: Reports Tag: EY. Release date: September 2017. Germany's Fintech ecosystem remains on a healthy development path. The number of Fintech is growing, investment volumes in Fintech are expanding, the deal flow is rising and the average deal size is increasing. In 1H'2017 Fintech in Germany raised around EUR 307 million of VC funds on the back of. Unter dem Namen Germany FinTech Landscape: FinTech beyond borders - cross-border FinTech-activity veröffentlichte das Unternehmen EY die Ergebnisse der Studie, die den deutschen FinTech-Markt unter die Lupe nahm. Dabei fand das Unternehmen heraus, dass der Markt für Finanztechnologien zwar nach wie vor wachse

Laut der Studie Germany FinTech Landscape von EY ist der FinTech-Markt in Deutschland im Jahr 2018 gewachsen und gewinnt weiter an Bedeutung für den Finanzmarkt. So stiegen u. a. das durchschnittliche Investitionsvolumen, das Interesse ausländischer Investoren und die Aktivität rund um FinTech-Fir- men New Hubs, New Landscapes Global Fintech Hub Report 2018 Hangzhou 2018-11-14. Launched By. Foreword As a new promoter for the global economic and financial development, Fintech is becoming a focus for each country to ignite their economy, and a new Fintech landscape is emerging. At the same time, there is a growing awareness of the importance of regulatory capabilities, innovative environment. Fair Finance Institute, Conscious Fintech-Partner und Green Digital Finance Alliance veröffentlichen Bericht . 28. Januar 2020 (aktualisiert: 12.3.2020) Gestern haben wir in Berlin auf der high level conference Connecting the Dots: Digitalization, Finance & Sustainable Development unseren Bericht zu Fintech for Sustainability in Germany: Current Landscape and key opportunities. Financial technology is literally where the money is in today's startup landscape. Known in startup circles as FinTech, the industry's service ranges from crowdfunding to cryptocurrency, from mobile payments to the motor insurance 'black box' recorder.An entrepreneur who can pin a killer app to the international flow of money is always a welcome guest to investors

eKYC Landscape in Austria and Germany by Fintechnews Switzerland October 3, 2020 Like many countries in Europe, Germany and Austria are looking to adopt digital KYC in order to streamline the customer onboarding process. A digital onboarding process allows banks and financial institutions to offer a good first impression to customers The German FinTech market has shown promising signs of potential as we emerge out of lockdown. A dynamic and hugely important economy, Germany has emerged quickly from the Covid-19 crisis and we expect its FinTech ecosystem to bounceback equally as fast. A critical part of this is the inroads made by technology firms into Germany's wealth and insurance sector, which have so far undergone. Map: fintech landscape. Written by FinTech Futures; 27th October 2017; A very detailed map of the current fintech landscape, produced by VentureBeat, listing hundreds of companies in the banking, payments, investments, financing, insurance, infrastructure and enabling technologies verticals. Click here to view/download the full-size PDF version of the map in all its glorious detail. Source. The German FinTech landscape has witnessed a shift over the last 5 years from investors predominantly backing smaller deals towards making more late-stage investments. The proportion of deals valued below $1m fell from 43% in 2014 to just 10% in 2018, indicating the growing maturity of the landscape. Previously, many FinTech companies in Germany were in their infancy and therefore mainly.

fintech, landscape. New or emerging financial products, services or delivery channels may not meet all regulatory requirements. As a solution to this, financial regulators internationally have implemented fintech regulatory sandbox regimes. In some jurisdictions, although sandboxes have not been established, regulators have nonetheless sought to put in place a supportive regulatory environment. FinTechs in Germany receive the second largest amount of venture capital funding in Germany after mobility. Venture capital investment in FinTech companies in Germany has reached EUR 1316 million in 2019. Important FinTech and InsurTech locations are Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and the major cities in North Rhine-Westphalia FinTechs und Banken kommen zusammen FinTech-Kooperationsstudie 2018 Juni 2018 www.pwc.de 88 % der Banken haben Kooperationen mit FinTechs fest in ihrem strategischen Plan verankert 60% der bevorstehenden Kooperationen sind in den Bereichen Beyond Banking und B2B geplant 90% der Banken und FinTechs sind mit ihren Kooperationen zufrieden. PwC Grußwort FinTech Kooperationsstudie 2018 2 Juni 2018.

2 Fintech landscape in Germany These developments have an impact on the market structure by lowering the traditionally high market entry barriers for new competitors Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Landscapes‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay However, the FinTech landscape will most likely recover in the future due to Germany's status as the country with the second largest digital payments market and the highest number of digital commerce users in Europe. Infrastructure & Enterprise Software leads as the sector with highest deal activity, with WealthTech and Marketplace Lending not far behind . Infrastructure & Enterprise.

Es wird wohl eher ein schwieriges Jahr für die rund 300 Fintechs, die es aktuell in Deutschland gibt (Germany's FinTech Landscape, EY). Das jedenfalls ist eines der Ergebnisse unserer Umfrage unter den Experten. Aufgrund der sich eintrübenden Konjunktur fließt weniger Geld in den Markt. Etablierte Unternehmen überdenken Investitionen. Das Klima wird rauer, sagt etwa Netzökonom. However, only between 3 and 5 percent of the total German fintech landscape are delivering on the SDGs. Finding #2: Germany is an SDG 7 Fintech Innovation Frontrunner. SDG7 is the goal which most of the German SDG fintechs innovate on. Hence, it is a clear stronghold of the German sustainable digital finance ecosystem to deliver innovative financing to transition to a decentralised and. COVID-19 Vs FinTechs: The European funding landscape in focus. By Alex Rolfe September 22, 2020 Daily news. Share: 761. views. According to numerous reports and market analyses FinTechs have never had it so good - as CNBC announced last week that the payments industry by market capitalisation was now greater than that of the banking industry ($1.07 trillion Vs $900 billion). However, perhaps.

Fintech & Blockchain is eating the german landscape Coinwelt 26. August 2016 Unkategorisiert Leave a comment. teilen ; teilen ; twittern ; teilen ; spenden ; Die Blockchain und Finanztechnolgie könnte nach Deutschland kommen, da viele StartUps beschlossen sich in Berlin niederzulassen. Brexit zwingt FinTech nach Berlin. Mehrer StartUps in Berlin sagten R, dass die deutsche. With English becoming more widely spoken in Berlin and the German economy remaining robust, more VCs and entrepreneurs from the US are considering Berlin as a destination for their business. It's certainly still behind the flow of expertise in London, but there are signs that inroads are being made. The FinTech landscape in the rest of Europe. The situation in Paris, Europe's other major.

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eKYC Landscape in Austria and Germany Switzerland News However, with regulators enacting digital-friendly laws and Fintechs offering tech-specific services, financial services players in Austria and Germany now have the opportunity to adopt eKYC and take their customer onboarding system to the next level. Regulation in Austria and Germany . After the 2008 financial crisis, regulations in. German FinTech landscape: opportunity for Rhein-Main-Neckar FinTech funding and global trends Page 2 German FinTech landscape: opportunity for Rhein-Main-Neckar Asia has overtaken North America as a leading destination for FinTech funding in 9M'2016 Global FinTech: Funding Breakdown by Region (USD bn) Key insights Asia has overtaken N. America as a leading destination for FinTech funding in. GERMAN FINTECH FOR SUSTAINABILITY The following overview contains a compilation of German fintechs offering solutions towards the achievement of financing for Global Sustainability goals such as the Paris Agreement and/or the SDGs. It is an outcome of the Report: Focus Note Series on Fintech for Sustainability, Current landscape and key opportunities, Country Report #2: Germany, January. However, once you add Brexit into the mix, we may see the tides turning and the European fintech landscape changing dramatically. Research by think-tank New Financial said that more than 275 firms in banking and finance have already moved to the EU away from the UK, with Dublin, Luxembourg, Paris and Frankfurt gaining the most so far. As the tale of Brexit continues, it opens the door to other. Although some characteristics of the German market seem to be tougher than elsewhere, the German fintech landscape is exploding right now. More and more use cases are attacked by startups and that is what drives innovation on both sides - the banks and competing fintechs. In this regard, the German Banking Act (Kreditwirtschaftsgesetz) offers numerous advantages (McKinsey). For example.

FinTech Futures: What was the open banking landscape like prior to coronavirus in Germany? Hensen: FinTech Futures: What are some of the biggest hurdles for fintechs partnering with banks in Germany? Hensen: Fintechs should closely look at what banks provide - a decent developer experience and APIs which are more capable than just fulfilling the regulatory requirements of PSD2. But open. 5 The current landscape 10 What will determine winners and losers 15 How to position your firm for success 23 Conclusion 24 Methodology 27 PwC technology tools 28 Contacts 2 | PwC Global Fintech Report 2019 This is our third survey charting the rapid evolution of fintech. Our 2016 Global Fintech Survey, Blurred lines: How fintech is shaping financial services, revealed established financial. The region is increasingly becoming a fintech powerhouse, producing some unicorns and iconic names. Here are the top 10 fintech companies coming out from the region. Klarna (Sweden) Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm with the aim of making it easier for people to shop online. The company has since evolved into one of Europe's largest banks and is providing payment solutions for 60.

The evolving landscape of Fintech - 2020 and Beyond Published on December 19, 2019 December 19, 2019 • 76 Likes • 3 Comment Holland FinTech is a fast growing international network organization. We offer an ecosystem approach for companies to interact with the rapidly changing financial landscape. Our members are all actors and stakeholders within the financial services industry. We seek to strengthen our team with an Events Marketing Intern who is technology savvy and with a passion for creating great event. The boom times for financial technology startups rolled on in 2019, with some gargantuan leaps in valuations. Total VC funding for private U.S. fintechs reached $18 billion, compared with $13. Fintech & Blockchain is 'Eating the German Landscape' Blockhain and financial technology may be going German, with a vast amount of startups in these industries choosing to set up shop in Berlin. Also read: Bitwala Raises €800k from Germany's Largest VC Firm. Brexit Forces Fintech to Berlin. Several startups in Berlin told R that the German Capital is booming as a hub for financial.

Das hat die Unternehmensberatung EY für ihre Studie Germany Fintech Landscape nachgezählt, die der F.A.Z. exklusiv vorliegt. EY-Partner Christopher Schmitz spricht von einem. Financial technology (abbreviated fintech or FinTech) is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing, borrowing services, and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies aiming to. Dies ist ein wesentliches Ergebnis der aktuellen Studie Germany Fintech Landscape der Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft EY, die zusammen mit Frankfurt Main Finance die deutsche FinTech-Branche untersucht hat und Möglichkeiten für deren weitere Förderung aufzeigt The launch partner and initiator of this first-of-its-kind study program is Germany's FinTech Group AG, who will provide 50-percent scholarships for 20 outstanding students. In return, students will receive a traineeship with the FinTech Group where they can begin to gather practical industry experience. These IT-driven innovations are generating enormous potential. Here in Frankfurt.

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German fintech Raisin is expanding its SaaS offering in the UK, so that banks and other financial institutions can now embed Raisin's deposit platform. The German fintech has teamed up with the investment platforms AJ Bell and Willis Owen on the proposition. Raisin says it's launching the proposition after it eclipsed its 2020 growth target of £1bn in deposits brokered a quarter earlier. But to drive this fintech revolution, you must be comfortable in the fintech landscape and ready to execute the maneuvers that take your company from traditional to digital, from startup to scale. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobile payment, and other fintech innovations offer financial services companies the opportunity to improve operations and customer experience, reduce.

Southeast Asia's fintech exit landscape. So far, Southeast Asia's exit landscape has been largely dominated by strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) moves by local tech companies, the report says, highlighting deals such as GoJek's US$130 million acquisition of Moka, Razer's US$100 million acquisition of MOL, and Grab's US$100 million acquisition Kudo. Fintech acquisitions in. Dies ist ein wesentliches Ergebnis der aktuellen Studie Germany FinTech Landscape der Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft EY, die zusammen mit Frankfurt Main Finance die deutsche FinTech-Branche untersucht hat. Im ersten Halbjahr stieg die Zahl der FinTech-Unternehmen in Deutschland im Vergleich zum Vorjahr um fünf Prozent auf 295 (2016: 280). Der Kapitalzufluss lag im ersten Halbjahr. FinTechs continue to disrupt the finance industry and the German FinTech scene is making its mark, with more than 1.2 Billion euros invested in German FinTechs in 2015. According to the latest study from EY and Frankfurt Main Finance, the vibrant and international Rhein-Main-Neckar Region is proving to be a dynamic hotspot for FinTechs. 56 of these young start-ups, a 22% increase from 2014. Fintechs sind Internetanbieter, die finanzielle Dienstleistungen basierend auf modernen Technologien bereitstellen. Im 4. Quartal des Jahres 2018 beliefen sich die europaweiten Investitionen in Fintech-Unternehmen auf eine Summe von rund 1,3 Milliarden US-Dollar

Reflecting deals seen in the broader investment market, global fintech investors showed a preference toward a smaller number of larger deals during H1'19, particularly in the more mature markets — such as US, Germany, and the UK, and fintech verticals — like payments and lending. In these sectors, investors have gained a better sense of the vertical winners and the emerging platforms. German FinTech landscape: opportunity for Rhein-Main-Neckar Germany is expected to catch up in the competition with the top global FinTech regions The established Anglo-Saxon FinTech regions are clearly leading compared to their Asian and European competitors The scenarios illustrate that the UK is at risk of losing its global lead to China, New York and California in the case of a more. Johannesburg, South Africa, 17 January 2019. The EY report FinTechs in Sub-Saharan Africa: An overview of market developments and investment opportunities reveals that the FinTech landscape in Africa has grown at an annual rate of approximately 24% over the last 10 years — fueled by the continent's three main hubs of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria

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  1. Deposit Solutions, a German fintech firm backed by Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, is launching its savings portal in the United States as it seeks a slice of the $16 trillion market for.
  2. Sustainable German Fintechs per SDG (cumulative) 10 . 13 . 16 . 17 Sustainable German Fintechs per SDG (primary only) 10 . 13 16% 10% . 16 . 17 . Where SDF Fintechs contribute to Germany's SDG priorities Strengthening social cohesion Climate politics and climate protection Innovation and digitization Flight and irregular migration Sustainable Economy Strengthening of the UN institutions (v.
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  1. German FinTech Overview- Banking (Stand: 27.3.2017) Heute mal ein Extrakt des großen FinTech Overview Mindmaps: Banking. Autor André M. Bajorat ist seit fast 25 Jahren in der deutschen Digitalwirtschaft zu..
  2. The UK FinTech Landscape Fintech is spearheading improvements to the banking industry, and with the industry expected to double by 2030 there is no expectation for this to slow down. They are making rapid progress in growth industries such as peer-to-peer payments, paper-free banking, speedy lending based on alternative credit checks, and mobile tools that put the customer in control
  3. Fintech Ireland. The current version is V3.0, released 12 April 2020. The map has developed into Ireland's default fintech ecosystem map and is seen in the hands of government officials, embassies, trade associations, professional bodies, recruiters and consultants in Ireland and around the world
  4. The German FinTech media landscape 2020 August 17, 2020 / in PR industry, Technology / by Bastian Meger. AdTech, GreenTech, SecurTech, TravTech - the list of different tech categories has grown over the years. One term that has already become a familiar term is ' Fintech.
  5. The fintech landscape 2015 (interview with Kevin Moseri) Kevin Moseri | 27. December 2015 7. Think about Fidor Bank in Germany. It came out with FidorOS3, which is an open API that can connect to existing core banking platforms to offer a range of modern services, including P2P lending, sending money via Twitter, and emergency 24-hour loan arrangements. Think of Seed bank in the US.
  6. View Essay - EY-germany-fin-tech-landscape.pdf from MANAGEMENT 766 at University of Liverpool. Germany FinTech Landscape Insights into the response of financial institutions to FinTechs an
  7. Fintechs in Berlin: An Overview 2 Statement by Berlin's Senator for Economics, Technology and Research. Cornelia Yzer . Germany's fintech sector is marked by a founding spirit. Especially in Berlin where the pace of development has accelerated so quickly in recent times that the city has now become Germany's centre for young fintechs. Around 70 fintech companies are based in Berlin, that's.

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In Germany alone, there are already more than 500 partnership arrangements in place between FinTechs and incumbents, with thousands more across Europe — numbers that are likely to grow. For established banks and insurers to stay relevant to their customers, they need to innovate rapidly and continuously. And to do that, they need FinTechs The regional landscape of the AI in Fintech market has been divided into the key geographical regions such as North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. The.

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The FinTech industry is growing on a worldwide scale. Some countries are seeing more progress than others, with the United Kingdom, USA, Germany and China widely recognised as four of the sector's forerunners. On a European level, recent events have created the potential for a change in the FinTech landscape. The UK and Germany are [ Want to see the global fintech landscape summed up in an easy on the eye and effortless to digest infographics? You have come to the right place - this excellent infographics has it all, from the hottest start-ups today and those to watch in 2016 to the most supportive countries and governments as well as top investors

eKYC Landscape in Austria and Germany News Top 8 Swiss Fintech Bankers in 2020 - Bilanz Ranking. 3 days ago. Berner Kantonalbank Joins Swiss Immo Lab To Invest in Proptech Startups. 1 week ago. Hitachi and Swiss Re Link up for 'Digital Risk' Coverage . 1 week ago. Salesforce Ventures Launches US$100M Fund for Cloud Startups. 1 week ago. Swiss ATM's Get Standardised Software. 2018 FinTech VC Investment Landscape 2018 was a record year in FinTech with $36.6 billion of venture capital invested in the sector across 2,304 deals, a 148% or 2.5x increase from 2017 and a 329% or 4.3x increase over five years. The second quarter of 2018, in particular, saw Ant Financial raise an astonishing $14 billion - both a record for FinTech as well as for venture capital. The top. Bisher wurden 49 Deals getätigt, so die Studie Germany Fintech Landscape 2018 der Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft EY. Die Zahl der Fintechs in Deutschland scheint sich zu stabilisieren: Im ersten Halbjahr 2018 wurden nur sechs Neugründungen gezählt nach 22 im Gesamtjahr zuvor. Unter Berücksichtigung von gescheiterten Geschäftsmodellen wuchs der Gesamtmarkt damit nur um zwei. In addition, the regulatory landscape around Basel iii and iv capital requirements have hindered bank's ability to finance and service smaller companies. Fintechs are trying to make it easier for banks to do lower value ticket deals by making the process easier to extend payment terms and create efficiencies in doing the paperwork for SMEs, as well as managing exposures and documenting. Germany and France experienced a drop-off of fintech investment in 2018. In Germany, $1B was raised across 57 deals, compared to $1.7B across 88 deals in 2017, while France saw $294M raised on 34 deals in 2018 versus $733M on 50 deals a year earlier. Asian fintechs attract $22.7B in funding - on strength of Ant Financial deal . Fintech investment in Asia rose from $12.5B in 2017 to a record.


The landscape has grown from 250 to 350+ fintechs, insurtechs and regtechs and, as a sector-specialist VC, we keep discovering new ones every day! That is a tribute to the work performed by France. Indian Fintech Landscape: Snapshot 06 3. Fintech hub benchmarking: Current and emerging hubs 08 4. What Fintechs Need: Key Enablers of a Fintech Ecosystem 14 a. Sustained Demand b. Future Skilled. In einer aktuellen Studie Germany FinTech Landscape 2018 der Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft EY zeigt sich, dass der deutsche FinTech-Markt reift. Demnach betrugen die Investitionen in junge Technologieunternehmen aus der Finanzbranche in den ersten neun Monaten 477 Millionen Euro und sollen bis Ende 2018 636 Millionen Euro erreicht haben. Nach Ansicht der Studienmacher scheint sich. the emergence of FinTech and digitisation as well as changing customer behaviour. Nevertheless, At the same time, a fourth pillar is being created elsewhere in the German banking landscape. 11 For years, the three pillars of the German banking market have been under strong pressure from foreign banks and new competitors. Increasingly, the distinctions between domestic and foreign banks.

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B-Hive launches European fintech landscape report. 22 February 2019 2. 0. 0. Source: B-Hive. B-Hive, the collaborative innovation platform, together with Roland Berger, one of the leading global. In the tradition of analysing the most relevant trends and lessons to be learned from the current B2B payments landscape, we, here, at The Paypers have seen this year's B2B Payments and Fintech Guide as a good opportunity to offer thought leaders a podium from which to share insights and analyse use-cases that reflect key industry topics such as cross-border payments, instant payments, B2B. Germany Sweden Europe Asia France USA Israel Share of Fintech in total VC investment per region (2017-2019 YTD) Fintech is Europe's largest venture capital investment category. It receives 20% of all venture capital in Europe: a higher percentage than in Asia & USA. 20% 17% 13% 8% 6% 5% 5% 4% Fintech Enterprise software Health Transportation Food Energy Marketing Travel - $ 5.0B $ 10.0B. Decentralised Finance: navigating the rugged regulatory landscape. Germany proposes new legal framework for issuing DLT-based securities whilst Europe awaits conclusions of EC consultation on cryptoassets. Germany's Draft Electronic Securities Act paves the way for DLT-based securities . New guidance from JMLSG - an authoritative source for the industry when interpreting AML rules. Germany's Deutsche Boerse <DB1Gn.DE>, on a mission to make acquisitions, said on Thursday that it would buy a majority stake in fintech Quantitative Brokers for an undisclosed sum

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This latest edition of Lexology Getting The Deal Through - Fintech provides up to date answers to 45 key Fintech questions across 23 countries relating to the Fintech landscape and initiatives, financial regulation, cross-border regulation, sales and marketing, change of control, financial crime, peer-to-peer and marketplace lending, emerging technologies, data protection and cybersecurity. to nearly $2 billion, as well as in India ($1.65 billion), Germany ($770 million) and Ireland ($631 million). • In Europe, overall fintech investment more than doubled (120 percent) between 2014 and 2015 and the number of deals increased by half (51 percent). Investment in German fintech ventures grew 843 percent in that period Getsafe Wins Fintech Germany Award 2020. 18.09.2020 10:25 am ; 24 ; FinTech StartUps; Providing comprehensive insurance cover via smartphones: That's the business idea behind Heidelberg-based digital insurer Getsafe. Last night, the company was recognised as an outstanding German insurtech with the Fintech Germany Award. With the Fintech. Figure 2 Overview of the FinTech Segments Source: Modelled after Bundesfinanzministerium, FinTech, 2016, p. 11. The FinTech market has been growing rapidly, not only worldwide but also in Germany. Therefore, the volume of investments in FinTech start-ups has increased from 36 million to over 276 million euro between 2012 and 2015. [45

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Fintech players, and especially international fintech players, are usually financed by their founders and/or private equity houses. In this regard, a number of funding initiatives are available to fintech start-ups in Egypt. For example, in March 2019 the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) introduced a Fintech Innovation Fund with a value of EGP 1 billion (approximately $63,291,619) With high levels of investment and a rapidly evolving landscape, fintech offers real possibilities for growth. The uptake of fintech by the world's banks, however, is likely to follow an unpredictable trajectory. Convergence. One of the most interesting facets of today's fintech industry is the convergence of a large number of actors that both cooperate and compete to drive growth. While.

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  1. FinTech, or financial technology, encompasses a range of rapidly emerging technological changes in the financial services sector. Anyone involved in the world of traditional financial institutions, asset management, or loans — or even tangentially involved with newer options like crowdfunding, mobile payments, blockchain, and cryptocurrency — has reason to be interested in FinTech
  2. The German fintech landscape. Let's take a closer look at the German fintech landscape. Today, about two-thirds of all German fintechs are located in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt. Almost 90 percent of venture capital invested in 2017 and 2018 was invested into companies in these locations. Within this group, Berlin is the undisputed leader with about 250 fintechs today. Meanwhile.
  3. Dozens of FinTech companies are launching every year, and established players are expanding their services and product lines to include payments, stored-value, and virtual- and digital-currency, innovative online credit and lending alternatives, and blockchain and distributed-ledger technology (DLT)
  4. Der deutsche FinTech-Markt wuchs im vergangenen Jahr kräftig an - Tendenz weiterhin steigend. Das geht aus einer aktuellen Studie des Unternehmens EY hervor
  5. Kronberg, 2. Mai 2016 - Die hohe Dynamik im Fintech-Markt hält weiter an. Nach einem starken Wachstum im Jahr 2015 summierten sich die weltweiten Investitionen in Start-ups aus dem Finanztechnologiebereich im ersten Quartal des Jahres auf 5,3 Milliarden US-Dollar
  6. entes, institutionelles Fintech-Zentrum münden, welches es mit den weiteren internationalen Fintech-Standorten aufnehmen kann. Die gesamte Studie gibt es bei EY: German FinTech landscape: opportunity for Rhein-Main-Necka
  7. Fintech has the potential to completely reshape the finance industry. A new research initiative aims to clarify where the actual promise lies
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You will acquire a better understanding of the rapidly evolving Fintech landscape and how new technology can impact pre-existing business models, through seminars, discussions, and case studies. Advantages: Presential classes and designed for leaders and managers in financial institutions and related organisations Programme Co-Directors: Jai Arya, Advisor to the Dean, NUS Business School. THE 2016 VC FINTECH INVESTMENT LANDSCAPE -SUMMARY (1 of 3) Source: Pitchbook(as at 30/01/17) 5 Lawrence Wintermeyer CEO -Innovate Finance China and the US dominate FinTech investment with a combined $13.9 billion of the total $17.4 billion, 80% of the global venture capital raised in 2016, and the top two ranked future foreign investment sources for UK FinTech. Whilst UK FinTech venture. According to a study by the auditing firm Ernst & Young from 2018, 24% of all Fintechs in Germany have settled in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region, with Frankfurt being considered the centre. This makes the Rhine-Main-Neckar region one of the most important locations for the fintech industry in Germany. According to a study from 2013, the Rhine-Main region has the best cluster in Germany in the. sustainable digital finance champions and in Germany where it is the fintechs. Finding #2: Spain is a mature SDG 1 Fintech Innovator and emerging SDG 13 innovator SDG 1 is the goal which most of the Spanish sustainable digital finance solutions deliver impact on. Solutions include crowdlending platforms explicitly targeting poor micro-entrepreneurs in Spain and/or Latin America, AI powered.

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